Intercedence: An Intriguing Frame Story


Intercedence takes you on a captivating journey through the mind and soul, presented as a mesmerizing frame story.

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Steve R Denton: A Master Of The Extraordinary

As a bestselling book author, he has etched his name in the annals of science fiction literature, captivating readers with his riveting storytelling and innovative narratives. With a background in science and aviation, Steve R Denton infuses his works with a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic brilliance. His journey from working in electrical engineering to a seasoned aviation technology teacher has endowed him with an unparalleled understanding of the world he weaves into his stories.

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A Story About a Compassionate Fusion of Science and Humanity

This extraordinary tale weaves together the threads of knowledge and empathy, forming a tapestry that embraces the essence of what it means to be human.  At the heart of this story are two ordinary people facing normal human experiences, but they are being watched by an otherworldly intelligence.

When Elena’s depression drives her to end her life, and Scott’s life teeters on the brink due to his terminal cancer, the alien watchers attempt to intercede.  Brought together in a unique way, Scott finds himself with a mind-numbing choice affecting both, and a completely new life.

But fate is a capricious force. Even as he grapples with a new existence, an unwelcome revelation emerges when a vigilant doctor uncovers the alien implants within his new body. The discovery triggers a pursuit by relentless government agents, culminating at the enigmatic Alien Artifacts Research Facility, located deep within the infamous Area 51.  There, a shocking revelation about the fate of one of their own compels the alien watchers into action.

In this riveting tale of sacrifice, courage, and redemption, Scott will arrive at a fork in fate’s road, not just personally, but for the whole world.  The heart wrenching choice that follows will reverberate across the entirety of Earth, holding the fate of humankind in precarious balance.

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